The present yachtmarket is a buyers-market. Buyers have very much choice and don’t decide fast. I try to present your yacht in a different way, to stand out from the mass. One of the tools is a very extensive “yacht-specification” that gives buyers all details of the ship. This document will be a part of the purchase/sale agreement.


  • visit your yacht in your presence (if berth in The Netherlands)
  • talk with you about the yacht and make notes and/or sound recording
  • take a lot of pictures of the yacht
  • make internet presentation of your yacht and publish it on:
    • this internetsite
    • well visited boatsites in The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, U.S. and Australia.
  • visit your yacht with buyers who want to visit your yacht for the second time
  • lead the process from publication to payment and delivery
  • try to be present at the day of a technical expertise
  • lead negotiations
  • money is transferred safely by the notary from buyer to seller