About Panta Rhei Brokerage

About Yachtbrokerage Panta Rhei
Panta Rhei is a statement by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus and means “everything flows”. One can not step twice in the same river, because it is fresh water that you are constantly flowing towards.
Yacht broker Panta Rhei has a keen eye for the best possible agreement, selling procedure and administrative handling (standard via the notary).
A business liability insurance ensures that you are not at risk in case of shortcomings in the service.

About yacht broker Peter Herman Ter Horst
In 2010 a career switch was made by acquiring the modules “legal – ship engineering – practice & business”, as a certified yacht broker.
His love for ships goes far back.
Great-grandfather was already in possession of a luxury sailing yacht: a wooden “boeier”. The ship with a length of 7 ½ meters is in mind still an enormous yacht.
From the cradle always in contact with yachts, wind and water. Racing sails was a big hobby, afterwards racing sails were replaced by sailing yachts with his family, exploring more distant sailing areas.
Occasionally still sailing with his Vollenhovense bol, but the customer has priority.