• You don’t buy a yacht every day, most sailors do it a few times in their life. We don’t push buyers. Take your time.
    We don’t want to connect people and a yacht that do not match.
  • My goal is, that the yacht meets your expectations and that you have pleasure of the yacht many years following on your decision.
  • If you have time and skills (or money to let others show their skills), very often you can make something beautiful out of an old yacht. This is a way to limit the cost of ownership or even sail with almost zero depreciation for years.
  • An important reason for you to buy a yacht, is that you purchased it for a good price – we realize that.
  • Every yacht is a combination of very many parts, that CAN break down. Please don’t worry to much, but keep it in mind.


  • A professional technical expertise is strongly recommended at all times.
  • We try to be present at the day of the expertise.
  • We make agreements that leave very little or no room for different interpretations
  • We are insured against failing service
  • We make use of a safe account for your money


Looking for a used Van de Stadt ?

Van de Stadt and his team always wanted and want the best and most simple and strong solutions for their yachts.
That is one reason why you still can enjoy ‘Van de Stadts’ from almost any age.

Very often, a second/third/fourth youth is given to older yachts, this makes many yachts to collectors items.
Newer designed ones will go the same way we think.