Van de Stadt Glass Slipper

Main Data

Model Glass slipper
Length 14.73
Beam 3.88
Draft 1.50 / 2.50
Year 1964
Price € 87.500
Sale status For Sale

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E.G. van de Stadt designed a series of fine polyester yachts in the 60s, which are still highly appreciated all over the world (among others pioneer 9 excalibur 36 rebel 41 glass slipper 48, gallant 53 and ocean 70).

All these ships sail fantastic and life on board is comfortable and practical.

The Glass Slipper here offered is from 1964. The Yacht was his time about 40 years ahead using a deckhouse with a view and an airy atmosphere. Perfect standing room without large stairs. There is nothing new under the sun …

The yacht

The current owner purchased the vessel seven years ago and then with investment of time and craftsmanship put into good condition again.
The first step was peeling the gelcoat underwater, dry for a year and then rebuild with epoxy layers. The deck by the entry of water was no longer hard, therefore, the core material from the deck is removed, replaced by a new, glued with epoxy and then laminated with polyester. To finish it, the deck then is painted with two-component lacquer with anti-slip surfaces.
After this was finished, the interior has been removed and rebuilt to owners wishes from new material. Last year the engine was replaced.

Current situation

The ship is suitable for permanent residence, the owner therefore lives on the yacht.
Work on the boat hasn’t stopped. This winter central heating has been installed.