Sailing Yachts

10,30m Lemsteraak Bijlegger

Year 1980
Price € 89.500

Extremely handsome and characterful lemsteraak, built according to a beautiful design by yacht architect H. Lunstroo. […]

Schokker Bekebrede

Year 1997
Price € 85.000

Splendid yacht, high quality Dutch craftsmanschip in excellent condition. Sparkling light oak interior. The bow accomodates […]

Schokker Voor de Wind

Year 1978
Price € 45.000

Dutch craftsmanship in design and engineering by H. Engelaer and built at his shipyard in Beneden-Leeuwen. The […]

Deense spitsgatter one-off

Year 1997
Price € 27.500 k.k.

Danish double-ender.  One-off. Rare beauty of exceptional  quality. Unique seaworthy ship with ultimate feel-good factor. Better […]

Schokker Speelman

Year 1984
Price € 36.500

A Vreedenburgh schokker is not quite your cup of tea ? Please look then at this […]

Hoogaars Vrouwe Aagje

Year 1962
Price € 39.500

Beautiful, authentic Zealand Hoogaars. Technically and optically in excellent condition, with a young engine from top […]

Kooijman & de Vries Grundel

Year 1973/1974
Price Verkocht

From first ! owners… Exceptionally maintained and over-complete grundel. Very comfortable equipped – boat is a […]

Vindö 32

Year 1973
Price € 16.000

Very handsome Vindö 32. Wonderful longkeel-sailingyacht with good seakeeping qualities and relative low draft for inland-waterways. […]