About Panta Rhei Brokerage

Panta Rhei is a Greek philosofic statement of Heraclitus and means “everything flows”.
Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers.

Until 2017 Panta Rhei was member of the N.B.M.S. (Dutch association of Yachtbrokers) and registered as E.M.C.I. (European Maritime Certification Institute) Registered Yachtbroker. Panta Rhei  decided end 2016 to drop that labels.

The services of Panta Rhei are insured, so results that do not meet your expectations can be claimed.

Yachtbroker Peter Ter Horst

From the cradle I was always in contact with yachts, wind and water.
Special interest has always been competitive sailing and the diversity of yachts and their different characters.

Over the years, exploring and touring with the family replaced racing. At the moment I am boatless, so I am not hobbying when you want me.

My main goals are to minimize “surprises of all kind” and get customers that want to buy and sell for the first and second time with Panta Rhei.